Monday, June 12, 2017

Twin Peaks: The Return: 1.6: Red Door and Childish Scribbles

Among the scenes I most enjoyed or found most worthy of remark in last night's episode 1.6 of Twin Peaks, still all-but-incomprehensible in the main, were -
  • the red door to Dougie aka Agent Cooper's home: I have a front door exactly the same color, so I could relate
  • Dougie's boss getting the "childish scribbles" Dougie had drawn on the forms - this was sheer genius, though I'm not sure if this was an emperor's new clothes message or something more profound
  • the scene between the guy who looked and was acting like a young Dennis Weaver and the guy who looked and was acting like a young Christopher Walken: with all the decoys and doppels in this story, there was something about this scene which rang very true
  • the short guy from the other dimensions urging the still largely stupefied Cooper to wake up - this plea had a real poignance, which cut across and through all the fog in Twin Peaks
  • always welcome to hear talk of cherry pie in that diner
Scenes I could have lived without: I don't like seeing children killed, and I'm no fan of homicidal maniacs, either.

But the ending was good with a good song by the girl group, and I'll be back with more random but with any luck at least minimally coherent thoughts next week.

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